I get by with a little help from my friends

i get by with

Recently I met a Daughter of a King whom I’ve come to really enjoy getting to know. My new friend seems to always be caught with a smile or with a concerning look on her face for others in her midst. I’ve noticed from our time together a few excellent traits we as Daughters of a King should strive to exude.


My new friend is from another country than the USA and therefore there is a slight language barrier. All the more reason she is proactive in listening and paying attention to what others speak. She genuinely listens to those around her. There’s not a lot of “I’m sorry, what did you say” coming out of her mouth. I’ve become acutely aware she doesn’t interrupt as a lot of us tend to do. I don’t believe most of us interrupt out of disrespect, but out of an eagerness to share, however, I’ve taken notice how much more one shows respect to others when they have the patience and thoughtfulness to wait their turn. Even if an opportunity doesn’t present itself to speak, she chalks it up to “then it didn’t need to be spoken”. I like that.


Even though she’s employed full time and works a business in her spare time, she makes herself available to others for listening, prayer or just to send a word of encouragement. On the lookout for an opportunity to lift someone up, encourage someone in their endeavors, or offering of time~ it’s a beauty of a characteristic us Daughters of a King should have in our repertoire.


You know when someone believes in you, you can feel it…or not. You know when someone cares what you’re doing, you can feel it…or not. You know when someone is invested in the friendship, you can feel it…or not. When they believe in you, it’s empowering. It’s a confirmation that everything you believe in yourself is true. When you’re encouraged by their confidence in you, their edification in who you are and what you believe you can do and accomplish, it makes all the difference in the progression of that person. Unfortunately, if they don’t believe in you, care what you’re doing or invest in the time to deposit a word of encouragement or a call to say, “I prayed for you and your FILL IN THE BLANK”, you feel it. That is real and that is dis-empowering. A lack of listen, look and love can aid into second guessing who you are, your purpose and what you’re doing with your life. It’s not that you aren’t those things you know in your heart you are, but when there is a lack of encouragement, a quietness or a guarding of their time and investment in you, you feel it and so I encourage every Daughter of a King to LISTEN, LOOK AND LOVE in your relationships, friendships and in those opportunities Yahweh gives us along our path in life to be an encourager and edifier of Daughters of Torah!

go where the love is